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What is sustainability?

Sustainability leaders often use the image of a three-legged stool to represent sustainability. The three legs represent the aspects required to achieve sustainability: ecology, economy and social equity. Just as the stool cannot function without all three legs, no course, program, plan, activity or organization can be truly sustainable without integrating all three aspects of sustainability.

We measure first

To determine how we can increase sustainability across the College, we need to identify our strengths and opportunities for improvement. The Office of Sustainability is collaborating across all parts of the College to measure and create strategies and projects to advance improvement.

Climate Action and Sustainability Plan (CASP)

The Office of Sustainability oversees implementation of the College’s "Climate Action and Sustainability Plan” (CASP). The CASP focuses on five priorities and four targets.

CASP Priorities

  • Energy reduction
  • Climate change and sustainability in the curriculum
  • Engagement and education
  • Inventory greenhouse gas emissions
  • Infuse sustainability College-wide

CASP Targets

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Ensure all learners understand the key principles of climate action and sustainability, and can apply them in the field in which they are trained
  • Achieve Gold Certification through the Association of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Develop a plan for July 2025 through June 2030 that will result in, at minimum, 50% reduction in GHG emission

Sustainability and Culture of Care at Pima Community College

The College is working to integrate Climate Action and Sustainability into our “Culture of Care” initiatives. A “Culture of Care” at PCC builds a campus culture where every member of our community feels a deep sense of belonging, that everyone's unique identity is valued and respected, and where all voices are valued, heard and contribute to student success.

The Key Word in the Climate Action and Sustainability Plan is “Action”

Some of our recent accomplishments:

  • We have measured our energy use and our greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  • We know approximately 18% of our total energy use comes from renewable sources - our parking lot solar panels.
  • We are on path to reduce our energy use – and climate impact - by 28% over the next year.
  • Twenty-two PCC faculty members are currently conducting academic research into some aspect of sustainability.
  • We are offering new courses in Climate Action and Sustainability, which will help spark interest in this growing field, and develop a pipeline of young leaders who will carry this important work forward.


Office of Sustainability
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